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From Dave Greenough: John Bowman  1947-2017

It is never easy to say goodbye to a good friend, particularly one you have known for over 50 years. The Ottawa bridge community has been fortunate to produce a number of strong players over the years, and John was one of the greatest. We met in the late 60’s and, in addition to bridge, backgammon and gin kept us up into the wee hours daily. Those were the days when we couldn’t wait for “The Bridge World” to arrive so we could assert our mastery by solving the often-difficult double-dummy problem. No one was better at it than John. Following a session of bridge, the answer to the question “How did you do against the Bowmans?” became a bellwether of success for many players. Rare was the occasion anyone limped away from the table unscathed. John partnered with his twin brother Bill over the past 20 years.  Number 1 (Billy) and Number 2 (John ) were nicknamed for their birth order in 1947. They were the toughest pair in Ottawa. As my present partner said when we started regularly partnering with the Bowmans for team games, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” John was on the winning CBF Senior Champion Teams in 2005 and 2008 and was on high ranking CNTC squads on numerous other occasions. Not only was John a great bridge player, he was a loyal friend. A big fish is no longer prowling the bridge waters of Ottawa. So many of us — competitors and teammates –will miss him dearly.He is survived by wife Pam, daughter Erin and grandchildren Heydon and John. John Bowman would have turned 70 on June 24.

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