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The Web-Site is changing.  I will attempt to put all tournament announcements into “Tournament Schedule”, all announcements regarding our members under Member’ s Milestones, etc.  In the past, most of the announcements have been added as “Posts” and some were difficult to find.  Note that the “Bill Wheeler” winners are under “Races.”  I hope this helps.

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Support District 1 2020 NABC

As you are aware funds are being collected to help finance the 2020 NABC, which District 1 is hosting in Montréal.  Each Unit within the District is contributing levies each year based on table counts at all District 1 Regional Tournaments.
To help raise funds, Unit 151 has recently approved a special motion wherein Unit 151 has committed to remit all profits from its upcoming April 2014 STAC to the NABC fund.
I am seeking your support in encouraging your local clubs in your unit to participate in the upcoming Unit 151 STAC planned for the week of April 28th to May 4th.  Register online through the ACBL website.
Best regards,
Doug Hamilton
District 1 President
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I/N Competition Winners

The winners are:

A 1 3.03(OA) Norma Daigle – Suzanne Payette – Myrna Carpenter – Suzanne Hazlett

B 2 1 2.28(OB) Jeri Lunney – Suzanne Kennedy – Donna Bennett – Lorna Hooper

A 3 1.70(OA) Mieke Mahood – Brenda Howe – Leanne Cheliak – Richard Duncan

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New Bridge Club

Pineview Golf Course is welcoming Duplicate Bridge beginning Tuesday October 22, 2013.
We will be offering two sessions:
0-750 Restricted game – Chalk Talk at 09:15 with the game running from 09:30 to approximately 11:45. This will be followed by a light lunch, with an afternoon game beginning at 12:30.
The cost for each session is $7.00 which includes coffee, tea, water service and nutritious snacks.
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Board Meeting

Unit 192 Board Meeting will be in Smiths Falls on 7 September 2013

after the morning session 11:30

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I/N Challenge

Round 2 of the Bill Wheeler I/N Competition will be held at the Smiths Falls/Perth Sectional on Sun., Sept. 8th

Click here for a Poster

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Bill Wheeler Trophy Winners

The First Bill Wheeler I/N challenge was a huge success.

Overall winners and top A Team were
Tom Viglasky, Monique Barbeau – David Bell – Hartmuth Kroll
representing RADBC

They were presented with a plaque and take-home trophies. As well, top A, B and C winners received 4 Free Plays for the Smiths Falls/Perth Sectional in Sept

B winners are Burton Cassell, Linda Roach, Betty Bianchini, Janet Whitton-Robinson

C winners are Nicholas Carriere – James Curran, J Enid Robins-Holm – Anne Ferguson

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EOOBA AGM Annoucement

The Annual General Meeting of the Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais Bridge Association will take place in conjunction with the upcoming Ottawa Sectional at 12:45 on Saturday, July 6th, 2013 at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.

A BBQ Social, FREE for those in attendance, will commence immediately after the AGM.

The BBQ is available for those unable to attend the AGM for $5.00 each.

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June STaC Week

Unit 192 STaC runs from Monday, June 10th through Sunday, June 16th. Find your favourite participating club and earn silver points all week long.

Daily results and hand records are posted here.

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District Director Report – April, 2013

From the Desk of Leo Weniger:


Best Wishes to George Retek on his Retirement

I am pleased to be your District Director for the next three year. I will always try to do what is best for the majority of ACBL members and the members of District 1. To help accomplish this I will try to attend as many Regionals as possible and to meet with the Unit Boards. I will also be taking French Lessons to improve my ability to communicate with our Francophone members. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns.

It is with great appreciation that I would like to offer my best wishes to George Retek and his wife Mari, his great supporter, who served this District with distinction for 33 years. Having been to my 1st meeting, I can tell you that George is greatly admired by the Board members, and I know that I have large shoes to fill. George has been a great mentor and role model for me during my years as District President, and I hope I can count on him for his sage advice. I’m happy to say that our District will continue to benefit from his wisdom, as he has been appointed District Director Emeritus and will be attending District Board Meetings. The District Board has also honoured George by creating the George Retek Volunteer of the Year Award, a fitting tribute for a man who has volunteered to serve the Bridge for more than 35 years. We wish you good health and good luck in your retirement from bridge administration, and I look forward to seeing you (and playing with you) at the bridge table.

I plan to write a report after each ACBL Board Meeting (which are before every NABC). I will report on decisions made at the Board Meetings and also interesting motions passed at the Board of Governors Meeting (advisory to the Board of Directors) which follows the Directors’ Meeting. I will also include District news.

George has created a tradition of including an interesting hand or book review with his reports. I want to continue this, but unfortunately, I am not much of a bridge writer, but I would welcome a short article from members that I can include at the end of my report. Perhaps as an example, George would be willing to write an article for the Summer report.



1) Net Revenue over expenses for2012 was $353,000.
2) Management is budgeting for net revenue of $32,000 for 2013
3) There will be no Grass Roots FUND games in 2013. Beginning in January 2014 this special month will be held in January.

1) The Longest Day (June 21): ACBL is partnering with The Alzheimer’s Association to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. Information is on and in the February Bulletin. We hope many clubs will participate. I and many of you in our District have been touched by this terrible disease. There is a special registration kit for clubs that register.
2) A motion to create a dual system where face to face master points are kept separate from on-line points was defeated (I voted for). There will be 3 separate lifetime lists. One is face to face, another on-line and the third both.
3) All participants of NABC+ and NABC events must be ACBL members whose dues or service fees are current.
Except for charity events, STaCs, or events for players with no more than 20 masterpoints:
For all regionals, the sponsoring organization will charge a mandatory additional fee of at least $4.00 (it was $2:00) per person per session for non-members and non service fee paying LMs. For sectionals this fee will be $3:00 (instead of $1:00) per person per session.
4) The minimum age for ACBL sanctioned Senior events shall be 60 years of age. Those
eligible under the present rules on December 31, 2013 will remain eligible in
subsequent years. This is effective January 1, 2014.
5) Playing Directors in STaCs: Playing directors in STaC games and their partners are ineligible to receive overall STaC master point awards, but are eligible to receive section awards.
At sponsor option, the above restriction may be waived. Such waiver shall be noted on the sanction application submitted to ACBL Headquarters.
6) The ACBL will hold a 0-10,000 Swiss team event on the first Friday and Saturday of Spring NABC for 2 years starting in 2013. (This was held in St. Louis and attracted 81 teams). Two other so called 10K events will be considered in Atlanta.

1) There is an Amnesty Program for those who have let their membership lapse or do not pay Life Master service fees. This program runs to the end of June and allows past members to have their old master points recorded for free when renewing their memberships or paying life master service fees.
2) There will be a Youth NABC followed by a World Bridge Federation Youth championships. I encourage our Junior and Youth players to attend these events which take place at the same time as the Atlanta NABC in August.
3) Elections will be held in 2013 for First and Second Alternate Directors for our District. Candidates must apply by May 31st. Further information is found in the April ACBL Bulletin.
4) As my next report will be just before the probable date of the next District meeting, I’m reminding Units that the next District Board Meeting will be at the CanAm in August. District President, Peter Clark will be notifying the Units of the date and time.
5) Unit 151 will be sponsoring a Teacher’s Accreditation Program (TAP) in French. This subsidized program will be held in Montreal, June 14-16, and will be lead by Star Teacher Kamel Fergami. For more information please go to the Montreal Bridge League website. Congratulations to Unit 151 for taking this initiative which we hope will result in many new members.
6) Grand National Teams (GNT): The District 1 Finals of GNT will be held at the Quebec City Regional in May. Flights A+C will be held on Sun, May 19th and Superflight and Flight B will be on Mon, May 20th. Interested teams will enter the Regional Swiss that day and declare that they are playing in the applicable GNT flight by paying an extra $1 per player. The entered team with the highest score in the flight will be eligible to represent District 1 at the National Final at the Atlanta NABC. There is no pre-qualification required, and no subsidy from the District. We hope that you will participate in this prestigious event.
7) Congratulations to all District 1 participants in the National Finals of the North American Pairs (NAP) at the St. Louis NABC, especially Stephane and Eric Reiher who came 9th in NAP Flight-B and Denise Roy-Letourneau + Danielle Tremblay and Louis Leroux + Jacques Beauregard who came 2nd and 11th respectively in NAP Flight-C.

Best wishes,


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